Unlocking the Smart City using biometrics as single token

Unlocking the Smart City using biometrics as single token

What if you could land at your holiday destination, swiftly go through the immigration process just by presenting your face to a camera at the Automated Border Control eGates, take a selfie with your phone to prove who you are and get both your electronic car key and hotel room key delivered to your phone? And what if you could book your seats for that special concert using biometrics, and get into the venue without having a ticket, just by showing your face, like a VIP? If you think this is too futuristic, get ready: Happy Flow is arriving in town! 

Following the widespread use of biometrics in electronic documents, border control and plenty of other contexts, as well as the ongoing adoption of face biometrics as the single token at major international airports, it’s time for Happy Flow to extend the positive traveler experience outside the airport and into the city.

Cannes was the city selected by Vision-Box™ to announce the innovation, during the internationally renowned Trustech. Happy Flow Smart City has brought biometrics into every identification process of your daily life. Vision Box was 1 of the 3 SESAMES awards finalists in the category eGovernment. He won this international prize.

“Have you ever thought about how many times we are identified every day? Every time we use our credit card, every time we insert a password or every time we provide our passport, ID card or driver’s license. Identification happens everywhere and for the most varied purposes. So why not make it simpler, using one single key?” Miguel Leitmann, CEO at Vision-Box™, asks.

The vision of Happy Flow Smart City is to revolutionize the interaction model among citizens, governments, travel stakeholders, and additional private interests, whereby the former will access, in a quick and streamlined manner, a series of services usually characterized by bottlenecks of time and efficiency, stemming from the need to verify and authenticate their identities. Identity thus is verified by way of biometrics, in replacement of passport, ID Card, boarding pass, keys, passwords among other traditional tokens, easing access to multiple services, in a quick, uncomplicated, modern way.

So what is Happy Flow Smart City?

How will Happy Flow impact Smart Cities?

According to Pedro Torres, Head of Marketing at Vision-Box™, “this revolutionizing concept will change people’s lives. The impact of generalized biometric identification is measured by convenience and trust. It offers governments enhanced security through elimination of identity fraud, efficiency through optimization of personnel, and gives commercial interests an innovative leap forward in service levels and Business Intelligence-driven revenue.” As to benefits for the traveler, he adds “It enhances purchasing and utilization experiences which require consumer identification, transforming them in fully user-centric experiences, allowing consumers to use biometric tokens as proof of identity and authorization, in agile and seamless document-free processes.”