This is Axon’s credo. Law enforcement’s too. To ensure the protection of populations while limiting the number of victims, both among civilians and agents during their interventions, Axon offers a range of first-rate security equipment such as TASER CEW, a graduated deterrence response, body-worn cameras to defuse conflicts, and the software to provide video evidence with legal value.

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Technology must make the world safer and save lives

In order to ensure the safety of the population, in a hyper-connected world, agents must be able to carry out their missions with greater serenity. The use of Axon body-worn cameras, robust, powerful and intuitive, with more than 12 hours-autonomy, which can be fixed on their uniforms or helmets, de-escalates conflict situations. They also help provide evidence (to tell the truth of the facts even in low light, hence no use of infrared) and in compliance with the French law.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, the TASER CEW (7, X2 or X26P) can trigger Axon camera videos automatically as soon as the CEW is switched on. It is thus possible to benefit from the recording of the action context, up to 2 minutes before the recording is launched, thanks to the Axon body-worn camera’s buffer memory. Thanks to the Signal Sidearm accessory, these cameras can also trigger an automatic video recording, as soon as the firearm is pulled out of its holster. It is then possible to watch up to 4 synchronized videos of the same scene using software.

In addition, allows you to manage these digital proofs stored on the cloud in SaaS mode, before they are automatically deleted according to the specified period.

The retention period for videos is 6 months in France except in the event of legal proceedings or if used for training purposes (previously anonymized through All actions in the software are tracked to ensure the integrity of the evidence. Thanks to a central storage of records, easy to set up and extremely secure, Axon meets the challenges of managing and making good use of the acquired data. By facilitating automatic data downloading, labelling, indexing and evidence retrieval, Axon allows law enforcement to be more efficient and spend more time in the field!

The London Metropolitan Police has 22 000 body-worn cameras and exchanges thousands of videos and files every month with the London Justice Department, digitally through Evidence. com. No need to burn DVDs, send large paper files. In France, several municipal police forces are equipped with including Bordeaux, Dijon, Mulhouse, Châteauroux, Rilleux la Pape…

The cew taser 7, a useful tool to preserve life

The new TASER 7 CEW offers a graduated, alternative, safe and proportionate response to conventional weapons, and an effective deterrent. Thanks to its new specific features – a high green laser offering better visibility, new and more accurate probes, a faster and more powerful impact to create a more effective neuro-muscular incapacity, the electric warning arc without handling the cartridges encouraging individuals to surrender more, 2 cartridges in the TASER 7 connected to each other, and 2 in reserve, for short or long distance use, and a rechargeable battery, the risk of injury due to a TASER is less than 1%.

This efficient pacification tool meets the objectives of Axon and the police: protecting life, de-escalating conflict situations, and acting with greater serenity.

Smarter & more efficient

New technologies make the tools smarter and the collaboration between security and justice professionals more efficient. Body-worn cameras and CEWs ensure a more serene contact with the population. Indeed, the use of body-worn cameras contributes to the reduction both of crime and of court’s congestion. “They also enable the creation of a benevolent relationship between the people and the security forces.”, underlines Cathy Robin, Director of Axon France. “Today it is essential to automate workflows, to reduce administrative tasks and to adopt an interoperable platform in order to give law enforcement a real local role.”

These new tools must therefore enable law enforcement to refocus on their missions while providing added value. « When they equip themselves with body-worn cameras, administrations invest in smart and scalable technologies adapted to the future challenges of processing legal evidence in the heart of tomorrow’s city, » says Cathy Robin.

It also creates a new form of collaboration between security forces and justice professionals through digital evidence management platforms that enable cameras to store audio and video documents in the cloud, deliver high-performance applications and provide optimal data security. « These platforms must allow these technologies to connect to each other, as well as to other systems such as databases. It is not enough to collect data correctly and store it, it is necessary to be able to use it simply. »

Digital evidence management is improved by the fact that the cameras record in all weathers, all conditions, in high definition and wide angle, without altering what is actually seen by the agent, for more than 12 hours. In addition, they can go up the scene up to 2 minutes before the camera is triggered. This is what has conquered the municipal police in many cities, including Bordeaux. Axon aims to do the same with firefighters, transport companies, and other sectors in a near future.

The potential of technology allows to imagine the use of these tools expanding in more and more environments, to accomplish Axon’s mission: to make the world a safer place.