Cisco and Thales sign an unprecedented strategic collaboration in the field of cybersecurity

Cisco, worldwide leader in IT technologies, with a unique understanding of cyber threats, thanks to its unparalleled capabilities in networks and analysis, and Thales, European leader in cybersecurity and global leader in data protection, announced today the signing of a strategic collaboration. As every country and every company go digital, security is a major priority. Cisco and Thales will co-develop an innovative cybersecurity solution to better detect and counter-attack cyber threats in real time. This new solution is based on the complementarity of their technologies and the combination of their know-how. To respond to new critical IT Systems and data protection requirements, Cisco and Thales are intensifying their respective ability to protect from and counter-attack cyber threats. From today, the two Groups are offering a joint and integrated solution that incorporates all the relevant information on threats, emanating from the IT System, from networks to desktops. This solution provides clients with an overall visibility and optimal control of their IT security, from the prevention of attacks through to their neutralising.


This co-development project, unparalleled in the field of cybersecurity will be set up in France and operate on an open-innovation approach by bringing start-ups onboard. The joint solution, intended primarily for French critical infrastructure providers, will benefit from a worldwide deployment. Robert Vassoyan, President of Cisco France, said: “Confidence in digital technology is a crucial factor for France’s digital transformation, which is why cybersecurity lies at the very heart of Cisco’s development strategy. Our collaboration with Thales thus marks a new milestone where our technological expertise goes hand in hand with Thales’s global industrial excellence. I am delighted to see our cooperation today providing a response to the economic challenges associated with innovation.” Jean-Michel Lagarde, Deputy General Manager, Secure communications and Information Systems, Thales added: “Facing with the exponential growth in the number of cyber attacks and their variety (+38% globally and +51% in France according to PWC), we have to be capable of knowing the threat better to anticipate attacks and detect them in real time, in order to limit its devastating effects. In the coming months, this cooperation between Thales and Cisco will offer a new global solution able to meet this challenge.


Thanks to the complementary nature of our respective fields of expertise, our clients will be able to benefit from the alliance of the most effective technologies in this domain.” Whilst the acceleration in digital transformation is being driven by major innovations in disruptive technologies such as big data and cloud computing, it is simultaneously having to cope with a surge in increasingly diverse, targeted and sophisticated IT attacks. Cybersecurity is an absolute priority for every economic and governmental player.  It is also an economic issue associated with innovation and the digital transformation. Studies undertaken by Cisco show that businesses that incorporate cybersecurity as a fundamental element of their digital strategy are the best positioned to reap the benefits of the new growth and innovation opportunities provided by digital technology, and will hence, benefit from a substantial competitive advantage on their market. Almost a third of companies therefore consider cybersecurity first and foremost to be an accelerator of their digital strategy. This digital transformation encourages organisations to define or redefine their cybersecurity policy. Thales supports its clients with their critical IT systems security approach, from analysing risks to the maintenance of cybersecurity conditions, as well as the developing anticipatory and defence strategies.