New mobile welfare communication portfolio for UK army

Wel2Go is a mobile connectivity suite with three service levels of private communications for troops and remote workers.

A new portfolio of scalable welfare satcoms services for UK military personnel has been introduced by Airbus Defence and Space. The focus of the new Wel2Go portfolio is to provide reliable, value for money and easy to transport, deploy and operate private communication channels in the field. The new mobile connectivity suite is part of the WelComE (Welfare Communications Everywhere) services provided to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD).

The Wel2Go portfolio features three core services for various levels of deployments that will succeed in satisfying the future requirements of the UK MoD.

The Wel2Go Small solution is carried in a single lightweight backpack and features a small deployable node for reliable private VoIP, satellite and data network. The system can be deployed and configured in less than five minutes and is an ideal solution for deployments of up to 60 people that require quick, flexible communications.

The Wel2Go Medium solution is a quick deploy VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) system transported in aircraft hold approved cases. Comparatively compact and lightweight, the system provides significant throughput for up to 300 users and is simple to set-up and operate. It is perfectly suited for providing private VoIP and wireless connectivity for personal communication in temporary camps and can be moved easily to the next base of operations.

The third solution, Wel2Go Large is a full fixed VSAT connectivity for semi-permanent and permanent bases of operation. It provides high levels of bandwidth and network functionality meeting the requirement for personal communication for almost 1000 people via Internet Café facilities and Wi-Fi. The Wel2Go Large solution is transported as a complete system in shipping containers, making it straightforward to deploy a camp-wide network almost anywhere in the world.

Scalability is key to the WelComE concept,” said Steve Kelly, WelComE Service Manager, Airbus Defence and Space. “Welfare communication is vital for military operations and humanitarian missions, but it’s impossible to have a one size fits all system. We have designed WelComE to provision voice and data connectivity for any requirements, supporting the welfare of troops and other personnel working away from home by offering a reliable connection with family and friends wherever they are based.”