Transport Security Expo hosts brand new Future Borders Experience

Bringing all the elements of border security together and highlighting the need for cross-sector collaboration

2-3 December 2015 / Olympia London

Transport Security Expo is launching a brand new feature this year in conjunction with the Home Office – the Future Borders Experience.

The importance of border security has been made very clear by Admiral Lord West, a member of the Transport Security Expo Advisory Board and a former UK Security Minister: “We’re living in a more and more chaotic, troubled world and countries across the globe are coming to realise just how important it is to have proper control over their borders.”

The Future Borders Experience will provide a unique insight into next generation border security capability both through its exhibition features and presentations in a dedicated theatre.  The aim is to highlight the potential for ‘frictionless passage’ through a typical border.

Visitors will be asked to register using a finger-vein biometric and will be given simulated travel documentation.  They will then use the biometric and travel documentation to pass through entry gates to a security screening process involving various detecting technologies.  The output from some of these detecting technologies will be relayed on large screen TVs facing the general exhibition area so that other Transport Security Expo attendees can follow what is happening.  A large display at the rear of the experience will explain the different processes and data flows involved in a border of the future.

To protect their privacy, visitors will be given fictional identities and all electronic data will be deleted upon departure.

Representing a first for the security industry, Future Borders Experience has been designed to bring all the elements of border security together and highlight the need for cross-sector collaboration. This is a theme that will be reinforced by a number of the speakers who will be appearing in the Presentation Theatre, including representatives from the Home Office, the Department for Transport, the UK Border Force, the National Crime Agency, ADS, Heathrow Airport and King’s College, London.

In the words of Dr Hugo Rosemont of King’s College:

We need to ensure that we have a joined-up approach to UK border security that covers all forms of transport. Achieving that depends on co-operation between Government, industry and academia.”

Chris Rampton, Head of The Security Innovation & Demonstration Centre, Home Office Science, added:  “The immersive Future Borders Experience is a great opportunity for Government and industry to work together to showcase cutting edge technology and concepts. It will give visitors a ‘hands on’ experience of how a future border might operate to improve security, efficiency and the passenger experience.”

Peter Jones, CEO, Nineteen Events, organisers of Transport Security Expo, commented:

The UK has a unique level of expertise when it comes to border security. Our Future Borders Experience will enable visitors from all over the world to see not only how extensive that expertise is but also how the different elements can be brought together to provide fully joined-up solutions to making travellers and passengers safer and transport assets more secure.

In addition to border security, other sectors at Transport Security Expo will include aviation, maritime, rail and major events transport security.  Supporting the exhibition will be the conference programme which will be open to all visitors to attend, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. The sessions will feature some of the most renowned opinion leaders from across Government, industry and the academic community.