Vision-Box has launched a new on-the-move facial biometric solution for border control and passenger identification

Seamless Totem™ revolutionizes the experience of travelling, endorsing a new passenger interaction model based on “on-the-move” processes and new facial recognition technology improving passenger identification, hence homeland security. 

The travel industry is changing as worldwide passenger traffic is rising significantly every year. Airports and airlines have realized the need to adopt new strategies to proactively support a capacity growth, as well as lower operational costs, identify new revenue streams, and improve passenger flow offering a seamless experience.

Simultaneously, coping with the challenge of security threats, enforcement and intelligence agencies are aiming to enhance national security, accurately identify individuals crossing borders, and protect a traveler’s identity against theft using biometrics. U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) is deploying new technologies to verify the identity of travelers on both arrivals and departures of the United States, by matching a traveler to the document they are presenting.

At the AFCEA 2017 Federal Identity Forum & Homeland Security kicking off today in Washington, Vision-Box is responding to these challenges by launching an industry game-changer, revolutionizing passenger experience, security and efficiency in operations – The Seamless Totem™.

A new multicontext biometric totem solution sets the basis for Seamless Travel, offering a quick enrollment & verification modality to identify travelers, featuring new facial detection capabilities to be used in a variety of contexts, from check-in, through border control, to boarding, and also usable in land borders or ports. 

Advancing the concept of the non-stop and contactless airport passenger journey, Vision-Box™ is presenting a new on-the-move, contactless, streamlined experience for travelers, eliminating stops at control points and representing the next evolutionary step in the way citizens and passengers interact with travel stakeholders or the government.

The new traveler interaction points are self-service, with minimum size and environmental footprint, biometric-enabled for speedy on-the-go transactions, IoT ready for full connectivity with a common-use orchestration platform, modular for maximum replicability and ease of operations, and introducing an exceptional human-factor with new personalized engagement.

Additionally, the new biometric totem solves the challenge of biometric capture quality, as the new rotating cameras largely improve current imaging capabilities, capturing a high resolution, ICAO-compliant photo of every traveler snapping pictures on the move and capturing the best one to be compared to the images already on file. A high quality biometric data input is then provided to authorities to perform the match with the photos already stored in their databases, eventually streamlining their back office operations, generating efficiencies and releasing them for actual exceptions or risk situations.

When launching the new solution, CEO Miguel Leitmann said «Deploying an integrated biometrically enhanced solution across the US with the new multifunction biometric totem for enrollment and verification will represent a huge boost in traveler experience and public safety. The new totem puts forward the most efficient and reliable facial recognition technology ever, with a low impact in the environment and minimal disruption in people flow, by capturing a high quality photo of every individual on-the-move, as the traveler naturally walks at normal pace, at any moment of their journey where an accurate identification must be guaranteed. While regular travelers will move seamlessly across travel hubs, such as airports, ports or land borders, US authorities can dedicate their full attention to managing exceptions and urgency situations».

In fact, besides establishing a new standard in traveler experience, collecting high quality data from a variety of sources will enhance the matching process against government databases as well as improve the ability to deploy important analytics to improve the country’s security. The new biometric totem offers an accurate establishment the identity of individuals travelling, efficient vetting of foreign visitors, and the immediate and unequivocal recognition of the ones that are undocumented, overstaying their visas or listed as suspects.

Furthermore, the new biometric totem is adaptable to the Civil ID context, presenting a reliable biometric and biographic enrollment and authentication tool. Citizen-centric, fully connected and offering the best-in-market image quality, the new Vision-Box Seamless Totem™ promotes the establishment of a nationwide Trusted Chain of Identity, protecting personal identity, securing borders and guaranteeing the integrity of Identity in the fast evolving Digital Era.